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nanoINOX® - The nano-coating by mirrorINOX

Regardless to the specific application, the question of how to protect and ultimately nano-coat the surfaces is becoming a more and more important issue. Although there have been various so-called nano-products around for a while already, there were always too many compromises for the customer to accept.

The now available nanoINOX® AFP/ ETC coating manufactured by mirrorINOX based on the latest SolGel technology with its Anti-Finger-Print (AFP) /
Easy-To-Clean (ETC) properties gives customers a highly effective and attractive solution which, in contrast to competing products, provides simply more benefits and consequently adds more function and value to their application.

The nano-coating produced by mirrorINOX

The nanoINOX® coating produced by mirrorINOX offers unique functions and has practically limitless design options, especially on stainless steel surfaces.

Not only is it possible to choose from a myriad of color tones, surface finishes and even create one`s own exclusive customized designs.

Furthermore, properties such as color, hardness, temperature stability, corrosion and chemical resistance, transparency or workability (formability) can be controlled and enhanced by embedding various elements into the layer of the coating.

One of the most requested properties of the nanoINOX® SolGel, along with the tremendously large variety of optical and design options, are the Easy-To-Clean (ETC), AntiFingerPrint (AFP) functions (Lotus leaf effect).

It can be used both for indoors and outdoors applications, protecting the surfaces against pollution and contamination, such as fingerprints, graffiti and many others, saving massively on cleaning and maintenance costs, performing excellently under weathering, keeping project and product clean, hygienic and visually attractive.

Additional, technical functions of the coating, such as antibacterial or electrically insulating properties are also possible to be built into the layer.

The areas of application for the nanoINOX® coatings are plentiful. For example, a nanoINOX® surface can be used for catering products, in elevators, yacht interiors or as facade panels.

In stark contrast to alternative coatings, for example galvanic processes, the nanoINOX® coating does not use or leave behind any toxic or environmentally harmful substances.

The nanoINOX® new technology guarantees a very precise and strictly controlled, color-uniform reproduction when coating stainless steel sheets, regardless of raw material batch-to-batch related variables.

The industries and their applications for our nano-coating

The groups of customers and the areas of applications where nanoINOX® surfaces are used, are just as diverse as the coatings themselves:

In architecture, whether for small applications or in large projects, in the shop fitting-, sanitary- and wellness-industry, in yacht- and shipbuilding, for silos and containers, plant and mechanical engineering, in aerospace, medical or automotive technologies, for household or electrical appliances, even in art projects,
the nanoINOX® coating by mirrorINOX proves to be the ideal material.

In all these fields, the nanoINOX® coating adds value to the product or to the application by increasing the attractiveness, service life, hygiene conditions, robustness and major reduction of cleaning and maintenance costs.

What is a nano-coating?

The application of nanostructures to surfaces is generally referred to as nano-coating. It makes the surfaces superhydrophobic, so that any liquids getting in contact with the surface will form droplets and run off (lotus effect) or superhydrophilic, meaning liquids that get onto the surface form a liquid film and run off. Consequently, the nano-coating seals the surfaces and makes them water and pollution repellent. A lotus effect is achieved, facilitating the cleaning procedures, reduces the number of cleaning cycles, saving massively costs and chemicals, which is also good for the environment.

The nanoINOX® coating is based on the SolGel process, which is one to most tried and tested nano-coating.

How we apply the nano-coating

mirrorINOX applies the nanoINOX® coating, based on the latest SolGel technology, onto the surfaces with the help of a multi-head rotary atomizer. Those are predominantly prepared and cleaned stainless steel sheets finishes.

After the applying, the surfaces will be treated by running through a conveyor furnace, reaching temperatures up to 250°C.

The range of the coatings with a thickness of usually 2 and 5 microns starts off with a transparent layer and can be complemented with colour pigments of a vast variety.  

Nano-coating at mirrorINOX - A brief overview of our offer

The SolGel coatings nanoINOX® produced and applied by mirrorINOX offer the customer almost limitless design options and have unique functions.

A wide variety of variants are possible as base surfaces, for example the mill finishes

  • 2B
  • 2R

and other surface treatments such as

  • grit polished
  • brushed
  • mirror polished
  • bead blasted
  • embossed rolled
  • pattern rolled
  • fluid formed
  • and many others

The following grades of stainless steel based substrate materials can be coated:

  • AISI 430
  • AISI 304
  • AISI 316
  • AISI 316L
  • AISI 316Ti
  • AISI 2205 Duplex
  • Aluminum

The following dimensions can be presently coated:

max. 6,000 mm
max. 1,500 mm
max. 6.0 mm

On request, mirrorINOX also offers nanoINOX®-coating of special dimensions and parts.

The following colors and designs are currently possible:

  • CLEAR nanoINOX® (transparent)
  • Champagne Classique nanoINOX®
  • Gold Rosé nanoINOX®
  • Abyss Black nanoINOX®
  • Black Matt nanoINOX®
  • Black Electrum nanoINOX®
  • Blue Electrum nanoINOX®
  • Green Electrum nanoINOX®
  • uniqueSURPHACE®
  • and other special colors and designs on request

Further special features of the nanoINOX® coatings:

  • applying on face and reverse side possible
  • project-related special designs + customized colours possible (based on volume of project)
  • very high colour uniformity and reproducibility, regardless to variables of different raw material
  • batches (Absolutely indispensable when it comes to demands of larger volume)

Nano-coating and more: mirrorINOX is your contact for stainless steel surfaces

mirrorINOXconstantly refines, develops and creates new processes and lives up to its role as a pioneer on the forefront of finding new technologies and techniques. Its most modern products such as nanoINOX® AFP / ETC coating and many others makes mirrorINOX your ideal partner for unique surface solutions, at presence and in the future to come!

mirrorINOX produces and offers a large range of fascinating products and treatment services in the field of stainless steel and other metal surfaces. Further information can be found on this website under PRODUCTS.