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Patterned Finishes by mirrorINOX

Most of us who are dealing with steel, stainless steel or other non-ferrous metals have an idea what the terms "rolling steel", "rolling metal sheets", "hot rolling" or "cold rolling" stand for.

It becomes more special when it comes to terms such as "pattern rolling", "design rolling", "structure rolling", "emboss rolling" or just "designing". With this special rolling manufacturing process, various metal surfaces can be refined and their properties can be changed and improved both technically and visually.

These types of products are of great interest to a large number of customers from most different fields: From architecture and design to industry such as mechanical engineering and many others.

Pattern rolling as a manufacturing process

For conventional rolling manufacturing processes such as steel rolling or rolling of metal sheets, plain and flat rolls are usually used. In contrast to that, pattern rolling is possible only by using individually designed, custom manufactured structured rolls, which make pattern rolling a rather specialized process.

A wide variety of structures and designs could be etched onto these rolls which are made of extremely hard special stainless steel. These structures are defined on the one hand by the technical requirements and parameters of the forming, embossing process (structure depth, working width, sheet thickness, material hardness and others) and on the other hand, of course, by the customer's design requirements.

Traditionally, the pattern rolling found its first applications in industry, namely in mechanical engineering. The rolling manufacturing process gives the sheets properties such as rigidity and a consequential weight saving by using thinner and lighter base material, robustness, slip improvement or slip resistance.

In the course of time, the metal sheets produced by using different pattern rolls became more and more popular in the field of architecture and design. In those applications, their advantageous properties such as optical flatness and scratch resistance came into play.

Thus, the metal surfaces of different alloys receive a technical-functional and visually high-quality added value through the rolling manufacturing process, making them an attractive and beneficial material in many markets.

What is pattern rolling process?

As already noted above, when design-rolling (sheets rolled on one side) or pattern rolling (sheets rolled on both sides), the rolling stock, i. e. the coils or sheets, is subjected to a rolling process with the aim of applying the structure of the respective roll(s) onto the sheets (on one or both sides).

The manufacturing technology is relatively uncomplicated and cost effective. The cold forming of a metal sheet or rather of its surface takes place mostly in coil, but it is also possible in sheet form. The selection of materials that can be rolled includes stainless steel, steel and other non-ferrous metals: even aluminium, brass or copper. All these materials can be improved in their surface quality and functional performance by pattern rolling.

Possible dimensions:


max. 6,000 mm
max. 1,500 mm
max. 2.0 mm

Pattern rolling by mirrorINOX

The numerous advantages, such as improved surface quality and resistance to scratches and dirt, optical flatness, high toughness, advanced technical and mechanical properties, as well as the visual appearance, which are achieved by rolling the sheet, clearly speak in favor of the patterned or pattern-rolled surfaces from mirrorINOX.

mirrorINOX also offers various rolled structures that are exclusively manufactured and distributed.

Patterned stainless steel by mirrorINOX - whether on one or two sides

mirrorINOX offers metal sheets rolled on one (patterned) and on both sides (pattern rolled) and possesses a high degree of specialized knowledge and many years of experience in this area.

While the sheets pattern rolled on one side meet requirements such as a higher-quality appearance and resistance to scratches, the properties of the sheets pattern rolled on both sides, such as even greater optical flatness and rigidity and interesting light reflections, are also highly appreciated.

Regardless of the intended use and the desired effect, mirrorINOX is happy to advise you and to find the ideal solution for you in this product group. As for many other special surfaces, mirrorINOX is the leading manufacturer and your consultant and supplier for the highest quality material even for the most difficult applications in the field of architecture, façades, ship and yacht building, shop construction or product design. Our product range therefore not only includes pattern rolled and designed sheets, but also ranges from nano-coating, PVD/TiN-coating, beadblasting, fluid forming and polishing to mirror polishing of stainless steel and other metals.