Beadblasted Finishes


Bead-blasted finishes for stainless steel plates

In many fields of expertise, high-quality applications increasingly request a uniformly matte, very homogeneous surface, which should not only be non-directional but also offer little to no reflectivity.

Such a decorative and functional surface is created by blasting onto metallic materials such as stainless steel/inox, aluminum, and even non-ferrous metals like brass or copper at a very high speed with glass beads or with alternative blasting media of various bead sizes.

mirrorINOX: our range of bead-blasted finishes for stainless steel sheets

The mirrorINOX products in its bead blasting range are called BEADS.

The different variations of the BEADS finish are as follows:

BEADS  0        
BEADS  9   

- glass beads with a very fine finish
- glass beads with a fine finish
- glass beads with a medium finish
- glass beads with a coarse finish
- glass cullets
- ceramic beads
- corundum beads

Stainless steel is the most requested base material. Additionally, we also offer alternative solutions based on aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and others.

mirrorINOX produces BEADS in the following stainless steel plate dimensions:


max. 2,000 mm
max. 6,000 mm
max. 30 mm

Additional specifics of BEADS surfaces:

  • Inox and other metal sheets can be blasted on the front and reverse sides
  • Blasted finish to be produced according to customer’s specifications
  • Numerous finishes and effects, i.e. gradient blasting, are possible

What is stainless steel glass bead blasting?

The terms “glass bead blasting”, “bead blasting stainless steel” or “bead-blasted stainless steel” commonly refer to the surface treatment of sheets or workpieces where blasting media such as glass beads, ceramic beads or corundum beads hit the material.

The size and roughness of the blasting media, the pressure and the speed during the blasting process can be altered in order to achieve different results in terms of visual effect, reflectivity and roughness. As such, inox steel bead blasting is a very flexible process at mirrorINOX, leading to high-quality finishes.

Glass-bead-blasted stainless steel: what are the applications?

In general, these timelessly elegant, visually attractive, metallic surfaces are used in the fields of:

  • Architecture: building construction, outdoor walls, balustrades
  • Elevators: lift wall panels, doors, and accessories
  • Façades
  • Shopfitting: indoor wall decoration, escalators, reception areas
  • Yacht and shipbuilding: boat accessories and fittings
  • Art: sculptures and other works of art

As such, bead-blast finish stainless steel has many applications within countless professional fields.

It can also be found in high-quality machinery and industrial engineering.

mirrorINOX offers custom-sized stainless steel sheets with maximum dimensions of 2,000 mm (width) 6,000 mm (length) and 30 mm (thickness) for its bead-blasted finishes.

Stainless steel glass beadblasting vs. sandblasting: what is the difference?

For the visually less demanding requirements of industrial and heavy industrial applications, materials like stainless steel or other metals are requested very frequently, resulting in different blasting processes such as those using sand ("sandblasting") or metal beads (“shot peening”).

In stark contrast to these processes, the Injector/Venturi blasting line operated by mirrorINOX is perfectly suited for the production of the BEADS product line with its particularly uniform, very homogeneous surfaces for the highest quality applications.

mirrorINOX: bead-blasted stainless steel of the highest grade and quality

Our highest quality is based on precise and strictly documented production including measurement of the roughness and the degree of gloss, as well as a professional assessment of the visual appearance of the blasted material by our skilled and experienced staff.

Using this thorough quality control and measuring, all values such as the gloss, color and roughness of each single inox metal sheet are precisely recorded.

Therefore, mirrorINOX is able to guarantee maximum reproducibility and the highest possible quality for the most demanding applications, whether in the engineering and machinery industry (e.g., appliances, tanks, silos, etc.) or architecture, art, etc.

In addition, our vast and efficient production capacities ensure the fastest possible delivery service.

Coming with extensive knowledge and years of experience, mirrorINOX is your ideal partner for bead-blasted finishes on stainless steel and other metals: glass bead, ceramic bead, glass cullet and corundum bead-blasted metal surfaces.

A remarkable number of major projects, numerous other applications in the fields of art, architecture, elevators, facades, shops, ships, yachts and machinery as well as plant engineering and, last but not least, the number of satisfied customers are an impressive testimony to the capabilities mirrorINOX has honed over the years, both for bead-blasted stainless steel as well as other services in terms of stainless steel surface finishing.