Vibrationpolished Finishes


Vibration polishing: circular-brushed finishes for stainless steel plates

Vibration finish or non-directional polishing is known in the market by various names, e.g., circular brushing, circular polishing, vibration polishing, Vortex or non-directional polish and, due to its particular visual appearance, the finish is even poetically referred to as "Angel Hair".

At mirrorINOX, this particular product range is called VIBES.

mirrorINOX: circular-brushed stainless steel sheets of the highest quality

The vibration-polishing line used by mirrorINOX is one of the most modern and efficient in today's markets.

It offers great flexibility in applying various polished-finish designs, as well as sufficient capacity for even the largest projects.

Many years of experience in the production of circular-polished inox metal sheets, meticulous recording of surface roughness and gloss plus controlled and precise production processes are the perfect basis for this high-quality finish manufactured by mirrorINOX.

Our large production capacities also guarantee the fastest possible delivery service.

At mirrorINOX, we offer various dimensions, grades and finishing options for our circular-brushed stainless steel sheets.


mirrorINOX produces its VIBES finish with the following stainless steel plate dimensions:

max. 2,000 mm
max. 6,000 mm
max. 30 mm 

Materials / Grades

mirrorINOX offers vibration-polished stainless steel in the following grades:

  • AISI 304
  • AISI 316
  • AISI 316L
  • AISI 318 LN
  • AISI 316Ti
  • Other materials such as aluminium or brass on request


At mirrorINOX, circular-brushed stainless steel sheets and plates can also be produced in combination with a wide range of colors. When applying color to vibration-polished inox surfaces, we use our PVD/TiN and nanoINOX® AFP/ETC coating processes.

Any variation of vibration finish can also be coated with our CLEAR nanoINOX® AFP/ETC coating which adds a transparent, protective layer that makes the surface more pollution-repellent and much easier to clean. Such properties are not only beneficial in public, highly frequented locations and areas where direct contact with the surface is possible, but also on façades and other applications where cleaning requires effort and cost.

Vibration-polished stainless steel: the benefits of circular brushing

The process of vibration finishing creates a non-directional, homogeneous, matte surface. Aside from its visual attractiveness, an additional advantage of this circular-brushed finish is that fingerprints or small scratches are not visible on the -polished inox steel surface.

To sum up its properties, vibration-polished or circular-brushed stainless steel surfaces are characterized as follows:

  • Low roughness values (Ra)
  • An attractive, matte, patina-style appearance
  • High resistance to minor surface damage
  • Can be cut and installed non-directionally

Applications of circular-brushed stainless steel sheets

Circular-polished inox sheets and plates are often used in areas where frequent contact with the surface is present, for example in:

  • Kitchens and catering (worktops, stainless steel credenzas and sinks, equipment and accessories, cladding for built-in appliances)
  • Bathrooms (washbasins)
  • Construction of appliances for the food industry
  • Construction of devices for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Container and vessel construction
  • Architecture (façades, interior cladding, elevator, etc.)

mirrorINOX – Expert in stainless steel surface treatment and finishing

Please feel free to contact us and send us your enquiries about vibration-polished or circular-brushed sheets, plates or other surfaces.

mirrorINOX also offers other inox steel finishes and surface treatment services: grit, brush, HAIRLINE and mirror polishing, bead blasting, PVD/TiN and nanoINOX® AFP/ETC coating.

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